Producer / Director

Alioune Berrada, a Producer / Director, based in Los Angeles. He studied Audiovisual Production for Film and Television, Arts and Design. He has also worked on a number of television programs and as an editor and producer for several reality TV shows, documentaries and special events. Now he clearly believes that his moment has come to start a new journey of Social Issues Documentaries where his creativity and capacity can contribute to social issues and human dignity and rights.

Alan Davis

Producer / Director

  • Diasporama (Documentary Series)

  • The Dream Show (Reality Tv Show)

  • Flash On L.A. (Docuseries)

  • Red Carpet (Entertainment News TV Programs)



  • Sakpase (TV show)

  • Men Wyclef (TV show)

Film Projects
Current Productions "Cutting", a documentary about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to be shot in the US, Senegal and Burkina Faso.
Upcoming Film Productions: "From Darkness", a feature film to be shot in Morocco. Now in development.